Monday, 27 June 2016

Last night mum  made  spaghetti for diner. mmmm  yum mum makes the best meatball in the world "my sister remark "  


Saturday, 11 June 2016


One day in a quiet city of auckland.Pt England school were  working  on there litercaey task.Sunddley they  heard a big loud nose KA-Boom. Everyone  screamed.

Stacey said go and get some help Ana  ran and got her phone and rang the instant  flame then the instant flame came and battled with doctor evil.Battling doctor evil is so hard so what the flames job was to keep.Pt england school saft and the little kids from running away from their classes.So what the flame did was trap doctor evil so the flame traped doctor  evil and took him to the police station and all of the kids were saft.Then all of the kids went of to there litercaey task and had a happy day.

Friday, 3 June 2016

torty the lucky tortoise

Ahu tell a story

Ahu personification

Ahu level ten

ahu spider mans

Spider man's real name is peter parker and he was bitten by highly enhanced spiders.Spider man has  superpowers that includes strength agility spider senses and scale buildings. spider man is a superhero that protects mankind.

Spider man wears a red and blue costume.With a mask so he can hide his identity secret protect mankind with great powers that comes with great responsibility.Spider man helps other people but instead of him self.

Ahu similes